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Thursday, 14 October 2010

morris minor v8

heres my morris ,i didn t build it,my good friend mad Richard did,i have done a lot of work to it sice though,it originally had a ford pinto engine in it and mnual box,but i stuffed a 4ltr rover v8 into it and a jag gearbox,now i have a 351 cleveland v8 and autobox to go in it,then ill add a jag powerlock axle and a gmc 671 blower to it


  1. love the moggy mate,I to have a v8 moggy.

  2. I have a granada coupe drag car ,but its in storage because i havent a garage,looks like i may have to give it up ,all i have is a shed for building bikes ,v8 morris,is that the one on youtube with the carbon fibre bits?