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Sunday, 29 May 2011

blogger probs

For some reason,i canput a new post on my blog but cant sign in or comment ???

vizman custom art

Check this guy out,his illustrations are superb!,so good in fact ,that I'm getting a few as tattoos ,here's a pic of my latest tatt(not viz mans this one) the other images are what I'm after next

Friday, 27 May 2011

cb 750 cafe update

Fitted fireblade wheels and a rg500 swingarm ,and i'm waiting for my bultaco racing seat to arrive off ebay,had to machine the rear wheel sprocket carrier for the chain to align

Thursday, 26 May 2011

low buck cb 500

Re tunneled old tank,lowered front end(still have to alter dampers etc ) started cleaning all the brackets off the frame,I'm making stainless struts for the rear.This is just a bit of fun with stuff i have lying about,i have a nice french moped headlight for the front ,anyway here's how far i have got,still lots to do ,i want to keep this a low budget custom that anyone could build,ill have the bars made and the headlight mounted and forks shortened properly this weekend,then i can roll it outside for a better look

i like these

bikes that do it for me!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

cb550 thing

busy lowering the forks,strutting the rear 21" front,18" rear,stubby bars ,but i need a bantam tank and cant find one!!

cb cafe

Started doing a bit to my cafe racer ,cut the crap

off the frame loosely fitted a cb 200 tank,and some 40 webers,and fitted the 836 motor in,when i get time i will make some alluminium manifolds for the carbs,then fit the jets etc ,i have a wider fireblade rear wheel to go in the rear ,front is cb750 late model,and i have some 6 piston calipers to fit                                                                   

Kevs cb

Here's Kev's cb750 ,it now has spoked wheels,hd rear brake set up ,cb900 frame,stainless oiltank etc ,i think it will look cool when its painted and polished

Saturday, 21 May 2011

cafe racer,not much room in the shed

here's my cafe racer project ,its a cut down cb750 f2 frame,zxr forks,fire blade wheels,836cc Honda motor to go in it,i need a cafe racer tank and seat for it,ill be making the pipes and all the modifications,and here's a pic of my shed,showing how cramped it is now

sorry ,i was out

back to bikes and pics very soon! :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Woman has MONSTERIOUS breast!

dont mess with this woman!


thanks to trent rekker at bikermetric for this pic,its his aunt


Im getting this on my arm this saturday,and more flames around it,then more tatts etc im looking for some good biker,chop/hotrod designs,anybody got any pics?,i have my back and chest and legs to do next

Sunday, 15 May 2011

project cb750 cafe racer!,and ravings

just bought a CB sohc frame off eBay,i have some upside down forks and some wheels,and a engine,so ill follow the current trend and build a cafe this space!,should have the frame and engine and wheels etc put together by the weekend.I think i need to make some space and fill my loft up with more parts!,I have done lots more to my mate Kev's CB custom,that's ready to fire up ,then its off to get painted,the cb550 now has shortened forks,21" front wheel,fork shrouds and is strutted and lowered,need to clean all the brackets off the frame,The stainless supercharged  NSU bike ,now has 16" wheels and old Avon's,and the stainless girders are half finished,it really looks good ,i wont put any more pics of this on until i have finished the rear of the frame,what else ?,er .......hang on ...Pete,do you have any old bantam tanks?,if not some old type Brit tank?,let me know if you have mate,i want to adapt for the 550 ....what else well,I'm off to get my other arm tatted on Saturday !,and er um that's all folks!

First Ride CB750 Chop

something about this cb chop i like,nice stance to it

Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles

Black Falcon vincent,fucking lovely

Saturday, 14 May 2011

cb500/4 ford focus foreplay and pete stansfield

when i got it home,out came the grinder,yokes and forks altered ,crap taken off ,lots to do

Went to Yorkshire today to get a cb500/4 of Pete ,we met up in a lay by ,at first i thought he wanted to do a bit of dogging ,but instead we shoved a CB 500/4 up the arse of a ford focus

Friday, 13 May 2011

old cb750

Got this as payment for a bit of work on a bike,im going to shorten the rear a bit,weld up all the holes in the frame,put in a rear downtube and make a tidy little bike out of it

Monday, 9 May 2011

Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun (Fill'70)

amazing,imaginative ,original ,a song about war ,just as valid today as then


little richard and hendrix 1964 ..the yr i was born!


Just wheeled and deal ed and I'm getting a nice old cb750 chop,akront rims short forks etc,I'm doing a more trad style old school chop with it,I'm getting it on Friday,I'm also sometime soon getting a ex drag race ford Granada,tubbed rear,e type axle,Matt black,rollcage,it did have a over bored 454 big block,but its worth over 6k and it puts out over 600hp,cant afford that,but I'm having the car,i think ill put a small block Chevy engine in it.My Morris is now sold (needed the cash etc) the guy who bought it ,is putting a Lexus v8 in it 260hp ,i didn't really want to sell it,but i couldn't really fit in it if I'm honest,the Granada is cool,i can fit in it,and it looks fucking mad,like a big roller skate,i should have it soon,just making space for more projects and cool shit i like,ill have some pics of some of it soon

Saturday, 7 May 2011

NSU update (again...groan)

stainless frame cradle now constructed,i have placed my old engine in whilst the other one is getting done on the polisher,i have placed the blower behind the motor and i will be making a much madder curly set of pipes to fill the gap between the front wheel and the front of the frame,i have lots of work to do,but i have a clear idea of how it will look,the st st fuel tanks will be one either side of the top tube hugging the motor,and a Weber 45 will be hung on a manifold made out of stainless just above the Norton clutch,the inlet /blower manifolding will curve up into the standard nsu inlet manifold,blower drive will be either belt or possibly stainless chain.The wheels are getting rebuilt with stainless rims and spokes.The girder forks are very short stainless (23" long)