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Thursday, 14 October 2010

a few of my bikes,and friend s bikes etc,and jimi hendrix!,and me dog buzz!


john lyndleys ironhead

the boys are back in town!

stinkfoots sporty

a cold moggie

my old ironhead


my cb lowrider

my fj1200 45 weber bike

john and his minimalism gone to far bike!

stormin the castle ,blowerbike

i wish it was mine

sporty lump

my wife and son and bike (gs750)

my ironhead i use now

jimi hendrix on bass,johnny winter on lead,my two guitar heroes!

me and fj chop

last years ironhead

Karl deviants trike yrs ago,featured in awol,i took this pic about 20yrs ago at stormin the castle

my first ironhead i chopped


perviness with mother theresa


my old workshop

my cb chop,stormin the castle ,about 03?

1994,cb650 survival bike jag v12 /blower,i was going to make a silly bike with it,might still do

yvonne,stormin ,04

best of show at stormin ,i was chuffed to bits

second version 

me lookin cool!

100%biker photoshoot,burnout on jesmond bridge


old git on ironhead,silly hat

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