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Saturday, 23 October 2010


I love magnetos ,i have had them on lots of bikes ,mainly so i can do away with the battery and simplify the wiring,here is two i have , one is for the nsu im building and the other s for a cb750 chop im building myself over crimbo,the mag on the right has a built in reduction gear,so i can drive it off the crank,on my cb750,the other is driven off the nsu camshaft

Falcon Motorcycles : Custom Motorcycles Built Around Rare Iconic British Engines

Falcon Motorcycles : Custom Motorcycles Built Around Rare Iconic British Engines AWESOME BIKES!

cafe racer girls(its art ,not smut,and nice spokes on the wheels on some)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I have decided to make another one of these

At Crimbo,i always make myself a frame or something,and i promised myself this year i would do a matt black ,evil bastard chop,so i am,it will be like the blowerbike,minus a blower ,but with some other stuff on,mainly a magneto and single carb to simplify things,this one will be something i will ride in all weathers ,and to get out to a few events on,like the farmyard and others,it will be sohc 750 cos i like them,torquey and fast enough for me,the frame will be almost the same as the blowerbike ,very similar style,but more attitude,230 rear tyre and 200 front ,girders ,matt black and little nice touches.Now i have opened my gob about it ,i will have to build it!better go get some tube etc ,the bike will be a cross between these two pics.The nsu bike isnt on hold ,just im ahead with that,so i can do a quick bike during the Crimbo hols ,when im bored!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Little Brians triumph

Heres one i did for Brian,the jammy bastard bought a bonneville chop in bits for 500 quid(why cant i find stuff like that??) he told me to make it safe and do the work to make a tidy chop out of it on the cheap,i straightened the frame,re welded it,added a wassel tank ,2" st st pipes out of offcuts from a dairy,made some girder forks,used a late model hinkley rear brake on it,made a alluminium oiltank etc etc ,Brian then collected it and painted it etc is the result..i think it looks bloody good for all being done on a budget.I hear Brian isnt too well at the moment,get well soon mate

Kevs matt black thugbike

I made this for Kev last year,its now moved to northern ireland!,it started out as a really horrible badly put together deathtrap ,painted in grey primer,the frame was bent and the forks on it dangerous etc etc,i cut the top off the frame and re did it ,made some high level pipes ,fitted fireblade wheels and raked the frame ,it was featured in bsh earlier this year,makes me want another matt black chop !

Kevs bitza bike

My mate Kev wanted a bike building ,i had a old sohc 750 engine,but that was about it,then i scored a cb900 frame,2 fireblade front wheels,bought some old school avons,found some kawasaki forks,a cb200 tank.I top tubed the frame,and the cb750 engine mounts all line up with the cb900 ones!,great,next i  made a stainless 4/1 pipe for it,and fitted a hydraulic clutch and a billet clutchcover to mount it ,here is how far i have got with it ,ill put more pics on as i get more done to it,the pipes are going to have heatwrap on them,so im not going to polish the pipes,i did originally have this engine in a z750 twin frame,but i cut it about so much ,i didnt really like the finished frame so used this cb900 one,i have now altered the bars,oiltank,and footrests and tank position,finised the silencer and pipes ,they just want heatwrapping ,also i have made a few brass and stainless bits,its coming along

silliness and randomness

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