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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I have decided to make another one of these

At Crimbo,i always make myself a frame or something,and i promised myself this year i would do a matt black ,evil bastard chop,so i am,it will be like the blowerbike,minus a blower ,but with some other stuff on,mainly a magneto and single carb to simplify things,this one will be something i will ride in all weathers ,and to get out to a few events on,like the farmyard and others,it will be sohc 750 cos i like them,torquey and fast enough for me,the frame will be almost the same as the blowerbike ,very similar style,but more attitude,230 rear tyre and 200 front ,girders ,matt black and little nice touches.Now i have opened my gob about it ,i will have to build it!better go get some tube etc ,the bike will be a cross between these two pics.The nsu bike isnt on hold ,just im ahead with that,so i can do a quick bike during the Crimbo hols ,when im bored!


  1. On that top picture, are you hiding behind your bike, and is that man tickling your ear? Nice bike mind. xx

  2. lol,nah mate,ill be up yours sometime soon,ill bring that radiator for you,stinkfoot was,but i havent ehard anything