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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


done a little bit more to the frame,fitted e type manifolds and now running 4 su carbs ,i have bent up the tube for the front girders but havent welded them together yet

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

jag v12/KTM/FJ12/NSU/

V12 started

fj style 1

older fj style



Jaguar v12 bike ,started the frame ,its too bloody heavy to make a jig for ,so what i have done is used a spirit level,a plumb line and lots of measuring etc ,the headstock is now centred between the V and in the correct alignment ,hot one side of the two part frame on ,soon the other side will be on,then i will make the girder forks for the front,next build is a KTM 4V big single motor ,this will be either a bobber or cafe racer,also have started a fj1200 chop for myself ,and my NSU 3 is getting sorted as well busy busy busy.Jaguar engine is a good motor ,looks quite nice without all the crap on,for carbs im using either 4 or six weber downdraughts 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

desperates indian

me old mate Chris ireland AKA  Desperate Dan  he s going to Bonneville on his indian racer and building a Merc v8 powered 2cv rod,me and Yvonne interview him most professionally

Mad Richards Double decker Bike

Me riding my mate Richards


My mate Mad Richard ,he builds jet engines in his garage and frieghtens the neighbours and me

Monday, 4 June 2012

Mad Richards Double decker Bike

loved it mate

Leah,s Lounge

Over the last few days I and my wife stayed with some good friends of mine Richard,and Debs Wilby and their lovely Daughter Keata,actually i stayed in their static caravan that

they bought for the purpose of giving families with ill children respite ,the caravan is fantastic ,its got 2 bedrooms and is fully furnished,colour tv ,shower etc what a bloody fantastic weekend we had,the caravan is called Leah s Lounge ,Leah being their daughter name whom they lost due to a terminal illness last year,Debs and Richard ,along with friends and family set up a charity for fundraising,they are doing a fantastic job ,and me and ,many others are so proud to have played a part( in our case a small part) the caravan is located in Yarmouth near the coast ,here s a few pics