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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kevs bitza bike

My mate Kev wanted a bike building ,i had a old sohc 750 engine,but that was about it,then i scored a cb900 frame,2 fireblade front wheels,bought some old school avons,found some kawasaki forks,a cb200 tank.I top tubed the frame,and the cb750 engine mounts all line up with the cb900 ones!,great,next i  made a stainless 4/1 pipe for it,and fitted a hydraulic clutch and a billet clutchcover to mount it ,here is how far i have got with it ,ill put more pics on as i get more done to it,the pipes are going to have heatwrap on them,so im not going to polish the pipes,i did originally have this engine in a z750 twin frame,but i cut it about so much ,i didnt really like the finished frame so used this cb900 one,i have now altered the bars,oiltank,and footrests and tank position,finised the silencer and pipes ,they just want heatwrapping ,also i have made a few brass and stainless bits,its coming along

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