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Sunday, 27 March 2011

2.4 8cyl nsu mockup

Here is how far i have got ,im waiting for the blower to arrive off ebay.My other nsu is getting a nsu 1000 engine fitted to it and maybe a blower for that as well.These two bikes im keeping

Saturday, 26 March 2011

kevs cb/nsu v8 started

made some small risers for Kev's Honda,added hd rear brake setup ,lowered the front light slightly.The NSU v8 i have started to mock up,you can see the rear engine and twin 40 Weber's here,tomorrow the other engine will be in front ,and when my blower arrives of eBay,that will go in between the 2 engines,the rear wheel will be either this 230,or the mental 345 16" grand prix car wheel,although if i add that it will be a bit silly

Friday, 25 March 2011

2.4ltr nsu 8!

Right then, i have just bought a Mercedes blower (Eaton m45) two Weber 40s,some fat boy wheels,i have two 1200cc nsu engines,some stainless steel tube,lots of polishing materials,a better tig welder,some old Avon speed masters,this bike will be a sort of custom/speed record holder/sprinter thingy ,I'm really going to town on this one ,the finish will be all polished stainless and alloy,the frame,tanks,forks,everything will be mirror polished stainless,much more blingy than i usually do,but above all,it will be cool,this weekend,I'm off to the scrapyard and i don't know what I'm looking for!,ill know when i see it!,ill be putting the engines together and mocking it up very soon ,and ill have pics to prove,i may even spend more than 300 quid on this one!

Monday, 21 March 2011

kevs cb

Did some more to this,its sort of a cafe racer/custom thing.I like it anyway,ill be doing lots more to this

Sunday, 20 March 2011

ratchop(you can build cool shit on a budget,i spend 20 quid a week on my projects)

fitted magneto,40 Weber(still have manifold to make)made new spindles,fitted seat and  tank filler,sorted out headstock bearings and steering stop,cost so far is 20 quid,started doing the rear engine mounts etc also ,prob my  biggest expenditure will be the jets etc for the carb.OK so i did have all the bits lying about,but you can get a lot of this stuff off eBay or scrapyards,you could use a cheap MiG welder and learn about fabrication out of books etc......what I'm trying to say is have a go at it!,fuck the stupid fuckers and politicians,fuck the law ,build what you want in your own style,their is always a way to get what you want,don't be put off by red tape etc FUCK EM! too many people are beaten before they start,just try it and see ,you may end up with a chop that looks great but bangs and pops and breaks down fucking what!,its fun,you will fix the problems and when its all running good,you only have yourself to thank and you will have learned something.  :) what i also do is buy lots of old magazines with old chops in them(ok ,im a old fart and bought most of them when they first came out)AWOL,BSH,100% etc etc lots of inspiration in them,and of coures the internet (its not just for boring porn you know.....)c mon get stuck in !!

morris gets a new heart

Boredom set in today so i have decided to fit the 351 cleveland engine in my morries minor,i have had a 4ltr range rover engine in it before,but thats now sold and i aquired this engine,this is the heavy duty australian spec 351 complete with transmission,i have just put it in and measured what needs altering,the sump,engine mounts and i need a remote servo and another extra steering joint,and a transmission mount,the radiator will be in the rear ,when the motor is in place where i want it ill be making my own tunnel ram manifold for the brace of downdraught carbs that will be sticking through the bonnet,then its off to get some grey primer for the bodywork,or matt balck


I haven't brazed for ages ,think ill do some brazed bits for the rat chop,this bike will be in bare metal also,but with a coat of lacquer ,you will be able to see the brazed bits etc and it will be different,today i have found a metal seat base,and i will be fitting this magneto after i get the engine running well ,then i can have kick only,start,no battery ,next week ill be ferreting around the scrapyards,looking for something to make the exhaust,i want this bike finished for less than 100 quid

Thursday, 17 March 2011

rat chop,out of parts and shit around the garage,4hr build up to now

Here is my old CB engine i had under the bench for yrs,a old iron head chop frame,spare astralite wheels,inverted forks,a spare Weber,and a french pushbike light ,i recon i can have this on the rd in maybe 2 weeks if i get the time.I need something to commute on ,and standards boring!.I ordered the stainless tube for next years bike ,i want to try my hand at something a bit more radical and showy,might even spend more than a couple of hundred! :)ill stick pics up as i go ,I'm busy at the moment finishing another CB for my mate Kev,i need to pull my finger out with his,I'm dragging my feet ,but now i feel good about building,so ill crack on

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pecquencourt pics and silliness

photo shoot

Larrys bike (2nd should have been 1st)

my NSU

me and NSU

Pauls amazing xjr (3rd)

NSU on stage thingy

me and Floris(photographer)

winning bike,it was amazing,cast alloy frame ,blown etc

Paul and me

little known custom builder Vic jefford sneaking away

lovely bike from Durham ,nice bike Paul.

Nick chauvin and Larry

the winners!
It was fantastic!,i made some new friends ,lots of talented builders,no attitudes ,only fun ,and the food!,you get looked after very well ....and that's a big understatement!,their were 4 prizes to be had and Brits took two of them Lamb chop engineering s BSA took second and Paul Bainbridges xjr1300 chop 3rd,both worthy winners ,a certain fat Geordie buffoon also got his bike put up on a plinth thing,i was honoured !who would have thought a bike costing less than 300 quid would get me to a show in France!,BSH did a photo shoot ,so my NSU is going in bsh,and v twin mag and a big Spanish mag .I had a great time ,the wine flowed and the food was good ,the bikes were great,and the French bikers were very friendly,I even got up and did a belly dance in front of the mayor and the police ,AND i got to snog Vic jefford.....

Sunday, 6 March 2011


just timing and rear brake pedal to fit,and a ignition switch,i think it looks cool,after it has been to France it will be painted etc then ill be ordering the heavy wall stainless steel tube to make a frame for my v8 version 2.4ltr nsu 8,this i plan on having at the London show next feburary,and it will make this one look like a right old shed!