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Friday, 15 October 2010

heres a few magazine features of my work,and bikes ,check out bsh blog!

heres a few random pics ,of work and my bikes from bsh,100%,britchopper,i have done many more bikes,and ill be doing lots more in the future,cos im not stopping or slowing down,fuck the stupid european laws,and all this msva bollocks,fuck them all!i build bikes the way i want to,and i wont comprimise,i willl accept the consequences!

cover model!

doin a burnout outside my old workshop

first bike i built for someone else

kevs chop ,i made this for him last yr

fj12 chop,i loved this one ,and it was reliable!,rode it everywhere,won best chop at stormin with it

my old cb featured in 100%

burnin rubber(until the cops arrived ...anyway)

britchopper mag featured my blowerbike,won best engineering at stormin the castle

my moggie built by mad Richard and modified by me(v8,jag box etc)

first ironhead chop i had

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