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Monday, 29 November 2010

more cool bikes i like

nsu and snow and lightning and gas and sparks and burning jumper(usually)

Thunder and lightning outside and snow!,its freezing cold,but i dont care cos my woodburners on,and im about to make the stainless pipes for my nsu ,its 530pm now ,pic when i have done a bit!,these pipes are gonna be very short,all 4 of em!,im talking about flames outta the pipes,each one will be about 5" long!. Right !.i have made 2 of the short pipes,finished the rear light as well

MOONEYES Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010

Boardtracker Indian Chopper motorcycle

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Jimi Hendrix - Highway Chile


No Island Lost - Jack Bruce & Robin Trower


nsu update

I have made a new hand shifter out of stainless steel,here it is in the rough,i have ordered my stainless pipe for making the exhaust  and the silencer,and i will be making the transfer shaft to transfer power from the crank to the gearbox

tr1 update

i have made a new st st big bore 2into 1 pipe ,and have new yokes fitted to take slightly longer ktm supermoto forks,and i have fitted a 6" wide rear rim,ill have the forks on and wheel on soon,and it will look better,the standard carbs arent getting used,i want either a 45 webber or a pair of big ducati dellortos,when its finished,it will look a bit like this special,built by sep Koch (he builds fantastic tr1 specials)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

well,as usual,i have said one thing ,then done the opposite! :)

i bought 2 ,351 engines,one a cleveland ,the other a windsor,then i decided to put one in my moggie to replace the rover v8,then decided it was too powerfull and heavy etc so decided to build another safer car!...ha ha ha fuck that!! this weekend the engine is comin out of the moggie and the silly one goin in,and a remote servo,a jag axle a linelock,blah blah blah

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

tough tr1 coming soon!

I have started a tr1 yamaha,its got inverted forks,big wheels and some engine tuning,nothing like the silly faggot xv s etc ,this is how it looked,but ill put a few updated pics on ,when i get the next few bits of fab work done

some bikes ive started /finished or sold etc

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Kevs cb750 update

Did some more to the old cb

v8!,got 2 v8s !

One of them is 351 cleveland,the other is 351 windsor ,the cleveland is complete with new waterpump,mains etc etc and with a c6 box,its all ready to go in either a gasser or a rod,depending on what i can find.It was going in my moggie v8,but i have decided to keep the rover engine in it ,cos the cleveland is very heavy ,i dont want to make the weight difference any greater cos the back of the moggie is very light and if i put in 300bhp and more weight on the front,it will drive terrible.Im thinking either ford consul,zephyr,or a rod of some kind for the heavy ford motor.i will either have a gmc 671 or a cheaper rat rodders fave a tunnel ram and carbs stickin outta the bonnet on my next one

nsu update

I have extended the seat subframe to enable me to ride it better without being cramped,made a stainless bellmouth and brass filler cap and used a su airfilter manifold,as a light with some brass detailing,amongst other things and a handshifter