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Friday, 18 November 2011


Made new bars,I like these better,made a 2ft high bench to lift bike onto so its easier to work on ,I will have a video of me riding this bike next month before i strip it for polishing and paint

Saturday, 12 November 2011


seat,mounted,petrol tank finished,foot controlls finished etc etc just 1 pipe to add ,a bit of welding and stuff and i will start it up,then its getting stripped for paint and plating of bits etc ,I'm dreading doing the engine polishing,it will take me ages,by hand

sideways 8

Next NSU  i'm doing involves turning two NSU motors sideways ,linking them together and using a xs1100 middle drive gearbox and a bsa gearbox making a square8? might supercharge it also ,i'm thinking of something along the lines of a 60 s sprint style machine,better get another Q plate out of my buiscuit tin marked ILLEGAL SHIT       :)