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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ive been doin this a long time!!

I started building bikes when i was 16,first bike i owned was a fs1e yamaha(fizzie) 50cc s of pure adrenalin!,NOTHING could possibly be faster !,then after 2 weeks of ownership,it didn't seem quite so fast! anyway,i snapped it in two ,so i had to learn how to weld!,i bought a arc welder for a tenner and some gas welding goggles,so i got stuck in...all blowholes and slagg! ,i eventually got it all welded together but my face really hurt??,wonder why!!....burned all the skin off my face an the whites of my eyes....i learned a important lesson!,DON'T!,fucking weld without the proper face protection,or eye protection!,but i was 16 and i was I'm 46 and still learning ,but I'm getting better at it!

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