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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Biker metric is a great site ,i always look on here,really cool bikes with a barking mad  Trent Rekker! here is some of my fave bikes amongst others

Saturday, 29 January 2011

nsu ,hard work done !

Here's  my nsu,its now fitted with a leather seat,has foot pegs and covers etc fitted,i have ordered the brass and stainless nuts and bolts and gaskets for the engine and gearbox etc ,then it will be stripped and all the metal polished ,still a fair bit of work to do,but all the hard stuff is done

tr1 cafe racer thing

Here's my tr1 ,it has inverted forks,astralite wheels etc etc,I'm busy shortening the wheelbase from 60" to 56",i have also lightened the bike ,it will eventually have different cams and ported heads etc etc

Sunday, 23 January 2011

nsu vid ,it runs well!

I now have another 2 of these engines,so ill keep this one and build a v8 with the other 2,the next one will be 8 cyl blown and in a similar style to this one

Thursday, 20 January 2011

more nsu engines!

i now am getting another 2 ,and i know where there is another,so next one will be a square 8 or even a 12!,i should have the other engines in a few weeks ,my current nsu is coming along nicely and ill have a vid on here of it running on Sunday!(i think ill dig out another supercharger for the next one)I like these engines !,its different ,for me what its all about,I'm sick of hd s now ,don't want another cos they are boring,I like this cook customs Norton ,I'm going with this sort of style and finish with my nsu (cos I'm skint as well!)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

it alive!

I have got the nsu running well now :),because of the 12" long 4 straight pipes,its well loud!,ill put a video of it running soon.Incidently if anyone has another nsu 4 ,i would like to buy it,the next logical step is to do a v8 nsu,quite easy to do

Monday, 10 January 2011

nsu runs!

Got the motor running ,but its running rough and the plugs are getting dirty,im hoping it will just be the oil i have had down the bores,it prob hasnt run for 30 yrs,at least its running ,hopefully it wont be anything major and ill have it fine tuned this week,then ill finish everything and test ride it,then ill put a vid up

Saturday, 8 January 2011

interfering with a minor and fiddling with a nsu

Got the rover v8 and jag box out of my morris minor this morning ,its now sold and going in a mates rod,now i have my 6ltr ford v8 engine to go in!,im bloody knackered ,it took me 2 hrs to get the motor and box out ,the car is on my front drive ,so everything was done outside in the cold and wet.I now have most of the parts needed for the conversion ,im just waiting for the jag powerlock axle to be delivered.Also got some astralite wheels,and inverted forks for a cafe racer im building out of a tr1 yam,Got my nsu almost ready to fire up,just the timing to set on sunday,then ill put a vid up of it running

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I have been accepted ,so I'm really pleased,who would have thought a old guy in a small shed with  average  ability and tools would be accepted to something like this,I'm really pleased,I'm not a time served engineer or have much money,but i do believe i have a good imagination and good ideas  or something ?,I'm really looking forward to meeting all the great bike builders and looking at all the bikes,reading the custom mags,and looking at bikes at shows ,I'm always amazed that people find my stuff cool,looking at the talent around,i always felt a bit embarrassed ,it doesn't feel like 5 Min's since i was snotting old moped together with a old arc welder,so to anyone reading this ,thanks for inspiration and criticism good and bad

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

pipes, methane expulsion and cavity fumigation

pipes done,only polishing left,pipes have internal baffles,unlike my arse which is spouting methane constantly cos of my baked bean/tuna diet

nsu /v8/honda/cbzxr,astralite wheels/invered forks and beans and farting

how far i have got

Kevs cb

wheel for my silly next bike/blowerbike mk 2

351 cleveland

This weekend,my nsu will be running,my trusty old rover v8 moggie will have its heart ripped out and a ford Cleveland v8 stuck in with cello tape,I'm also getting a cbr600 with a zxr750 engine in it(buying it for the inverted forks and old style astralites,to go on my tr1 cafe racery thingy whatever) and i have done more to my ,mate Kev's cb750/900 sohc 750.I'm keeping busy cos I'm on a fucking baked beans and baked potato diet!...OOH THE SMELL!!

Monday, 3 January 2011