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Saturday, 26 May 2012

TR1 rat chop thingy

I am busy doing myself a TR1 ratrod type influenced chop ,it will have vintage parts and a downdraught weber poking through the tank,everything made from scrap including the forks,frame etc and the pipes with fishtails! started work on it friday night after work,got this far with it,i like it lots ,lots to do on it

Thursday, 24 May 2012

??? see my carrot smile

nsu/blowers/shredding my pants doing the elephant prance...anyway ,I have been a bit inactive over the past few weeks with health issues,back up to full throttle very soon,got myself dome nice new tools for building better frames and before i forget check out the supercharged NSU i have built in the forthcoming custom mag BSH ,my bike is on the  the cover and i am the centrefold ya lucky fekkers,im also on a diet and health kick because i need to sort out my life once and for all and stop pissing about,thank you and goodnight .X

Saturday, 19 May 2012

starboyz Buell finished(well ,my bits are finished anyway)

Buell fitted in a old jap 4 hardtail frame ,with modern running gear ,and a different oiltank ,hope you like it Graham ,mate

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Buell bike

Did some more to Grahams Buell,started the pipes ,made a seat etc ,I think it looks quite good considering its made of parts he had ,like the jap 4 frame ,cbr600rr running gear etc

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A special bike and a special young girl ,and a family

Leah tribute bike .something I am very proud to have had a  small part in ,Leah was a lovely girl

DELETED /UNDELETED (i'm a contrary fucker)

I deleted my Bog /blog because i thought nobody was interested in it ,I have had lots of people wanting to know where its gone,so i'm back ...sorry :) Last saturday i went down to Sheffield to collect my jag v12 engine(old one was for mock ups etc ,now i need a good running one) collected engine ,its a low mileage 5.3 v12 with all the bits to make it run ,and i  got it for a 100 quid ! :) ,i have most of the bits to start building now so off i go !!( special thanks to Derek Waghorn ,for inspiration )