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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


We all have our vices ,mines codeine  addiction ,cant get off them because I'm weak ,what to do???? keep trying to be a better person is a start ,and the ability to laugh at oneself and help others which i find so much easier to do,than helping myself in this crazy fucked up world,i suppose things would be much harder if i didn't have the passion for what i do and the love of my family and friends ,its easy to type this shit,much easier than talking on the phone ,or face to face ,bloody drugs help numb things,i suppose numb the  reality of life and different situations .....blogs are like having a diary I'm told except this diary isn't secret but i don't care....back to bikes now...


  1. Very cathartic aren't they. This might have been my release-
    You're a good man Robbie

  2. robbie, i dig where you come from. have my battle with alcohol on and off since age 15. i can go weeks, months, and years without it and start again and be cool, keeping it on a good level. i know that even when i am drinking to avoid the hard stuff. i scare people when i drink vodka or whiskey or what-have-you.

    regardless, the last five years have been bad. i don't want to give it up permanently because, as the joke goes, i'm not a quitter, but it's been over 36 days since i had a beer. i plan on enjoying a few next friday, the 22nd. then i'll be square again for another month. i just cannot do it every day. i also have seen a few thing more clearly since i took a break. the first week was rough because i'm a madman, but after a while, even with drugs (gave them up a long time ago), you get used to simply being YOU.

    to be able to do it, i had to go to a place that was far away from the people and excuses i used to have a reason to be drunk every day. i'm feeling pretty darned good. hope this helps somehow, man. and you know how to reach me if you ever care to about this.

    pobody's nerfect and that's cool. trying to be perfect is a waste of time. just do your thing and all else be damned. just don't do stuff that still makes you unhappy, mister.

    peace out, mofo.