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Friday, 1 April 2011


Finally got my blower,I'm in two minds to either use it on the 8 cyl NSU,or maybe use it on my 4 cyl NSU ,I'm getting enough stainless tube for two frames ,so ill re do the old NSU and maybe fit this blower and some new bits,if i supercharge the single engined one i can make it a bit sleek and special,the 8 will be big and bulky,i think they will compliment each other,I'm hoping to go back to France next year with something much better now that i have seen what the other builders are doing


  1. You are a mad man, no doubt about it, you have lost your ability to logically view reality as the rest of the world knows it....and it's GRAND!!! How much is that bastard gonna weigh? Are those engines known for making lots of horpower? Are you actually considering redoing the frame on the single engined bike, where do you find the energy. I find it harder and harder to work up the gumption to go out to the shop and it seems you just produce more and more, is it redbull?
    Keep doing what your doing and giving me crazy ideas!
    Carry ON!

  2. The engines arent heavy,each one weighs about the same as a old cb350 honda engine,each engine only produces about 40bhp or so,i have been thinking about the whole design ,i am slugging and lengthening the old nsu frame,so these two engines fit,the spare engine is going into my show bike,it will be stainless steel frame and supercharged with astralite raceing wheels and inverted forks etc ,i was going to make a blingy show bike type thing with these two engines,but it would be a bit big and bulky,so the supercharger and stainless bike will have a single engine and be more aesthetically pleasing....i hope!.I dont need red bull mate ,just jimi hendrix and lots of coffee