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Monday, 25 April 2011

NSU mock up stainless frame

Started frame,the top tube has multiple bends in it because the blower will be on top of the motor,the girder forks I'm making will be extremely short with very little travel,the tank will have bends in it to match the frame top tube and cutouts in it for the Weber carb and blower manifolding,the girders I'm making in 16mm solid stainless round bar ,everything will be polished stainless,I'm using the wheels off the old NSU bike ,but they will be stripped and stainless spokes added and the hubs polished ,here s a pic of the mock up so far,and i have added a pic of the mercedes supercharger I'm using and the Weber carb,both of these will be mirror polished,the CB 750 is coming along also,i have lowered the front light and added a iron head brake setup

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