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Sunday, 10 April 2011

8cyl 2.4 ltr 8 before its even in next months bsh! :)

HA HA HA HA   :)now this is my silly bike,and ill be starting on my stainless supercharged blingy bike at the weekend and i have all the bits and a nice shiny blower now for it too.In this pic the engines are in the frame loosely bolted in

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  1. This is my mate Robbie's bike, he tells everyone he built it but he actually got the Teutles to build it out of an old war-surplus Kettenkrad he bought on eBay. The rear cylinders run on a special mix of hot partially burnt petrol and carbon monoxide from the front cylinders. This might explain the extreme frugality of the beast, the "petrol soaked rag" tank holds enough fuel for two passes down the drag strip or twenty seconds use, whichever is first. I wish he's stop passing it off as his own work, though.