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Sunday, 20 March 2011

ratchop(you can build cool shit on a budget,i spend 20 quid a week on my projects)

fitted magneto,40 Weber(still have manifold to make)made new spindles,fitted seat and  tank filler,sorted out headstock bearings and steering stop,cost so far is 20 quid,started doing the rear engine mounts etc also ,prob my  biggest expenditure will be the jets etc for the carb.OK so i did have all the bits lying about,but you can get a lot of this stuff off eBay or scrapyards,you could use a cheap MiG welder and learn about fabrication out of books etc......what I'm trying to say is have a go at it!,fuck the stupid fuckers and politicians,fuck the law ,build what you want in your own style,their is always a way to get what you want,don't be put off by red tape etc FUCK EM! too many people are beaten before they start,just try it and see ,you may end up with a chop that looks great but bangs and pops and breaks down fucking what!,its fun,you will fix the problems and when its all running good,you only have yourself to thank and you will have learned something.  :) what i also do is buy lots of old magazines with old chops in them(ok ,im a old fart and bought most of them when they first came out)AWOL,BSH,100% etc etc lots of inspiration in them,and of coures the internet (its not just for boring porn you know.....)c mon get stuck in !!


  1. britain's blessed - TÜV suck's a lot!

  2. wheres all this boring porn mmm i can use some o that xx

  3. try using a real woman,much better than your hand,even if you sit on it first.Back to bikes now i think!

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  5. "Fuck the stupid fuckers and politicians.
    Fuck the law.
    Build what you want in your own style.
    There is always a way to get what you want.
    Don't be put off by red tape.
    Too many people are beaten before they start.
    FUCK EM!"

    I want this on a T-shirt.