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Friday, 25 March 2011

2.4ltr nsu 8!

Right then, i have just bought a Mercedes blower (Eaton m45) two Weber 40s,some fat boy wheels,i have two 1200cc nsu engines,some stainless steel tube,lots of polishing materials,a better tig welder,some old Avon speed masters,this bike will be a sort of custom/speed record holder/sprinter thingy ,I'm really going to town on this one ,the finish will be all polished stainless and alloy,the frame,tanks,forks,everything will be mirror polished stainless,much more blingy than i usually do,but above all,it will be cool,this weekend,I'm off to the scrapyard and i don't know what I'm looking for!,ill know when i see it!,ill be putting the engines together and mocking it up very soon ,and ill have pics to prove,i may even spend more than 300 quid on this one!

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