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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pecquencourt pics and silliness

photo shoot

Larrys bike (2nd should have been 1st)

my NSU

me and NSU

Pauls amazing xjr (3rd)

NSU on stage thingy

me and Floris(photographer)

winning bike,it was amazing,cast alloy frame ,blown etc

Paul and me

little known custom builder Vic jefford sneaking away

lovely bike from Durham ,nice bike Paul.

Nick chauvin and Larry

the winners!
It was fantastic!,i made some new friends ,lots of talented builders,no attitudes ,only fun ,and the food!,you get looked after very well ....and that's a big understatement!,their were 4 prizes to be had and Brits took two of them Lamb chop engineering s BSA took second and Paul Bainbridges xjr1300 chop 3rd,both worthy winners ,a certain fat Geordie buffoon also got his bike put up on a plinth thing,i was honoured !who would have thought a bike costing less than 300 quid would get me to a show in France!,BSH did a photo shoot ,so my NSU is going in bsh,and v twin mag and a big Spanish mag .I had a great time ,the wine flowed and the food was good ,the bikes were great,and the French bikers were very friendly,I even got up and did a belly dance in front of the mayor and the police ,AND i got to snog Vic jefford.....


  1. Chuffed for you mate Larry's bike is just superb.We have the best engineers in the world and we don't manufacture anything anymore it's criminal. Don't think I want to know about the Vic Jefford snoging thing must be a strange Northern thing!!!!

  2. he wanted me,and i dont blame him really....actually he is a really nice guy ,and lin is nice too,i was a bit drunk and kissed him on the heed for a laugh

  3. hey robbie well done, nice pics, btw i was reading about armstrongs, and found those hubs are magnesium, so mind how you weld near em......

  4. Yea they are a nice couple met them a couple of times. The last time I was talking to Vic about if it was possible to reverse head a Jap 4 pot mad idea I have had for a while stressed member frame and an SU sticking out each side feeding 2 pots

  5. yes its perfectly feasable,twizzle did it in the 80s with a gsx1100,and the carb thing is also,cos i have done it lots of times mate

  6. Interesting knew the carbs were possible but not seen a reverse head Jap 4 going to see if I can find any info on Twizles.

  7. @Kevinhog - don't ask! You really don't want to know!

    It was a blast of a weekend. Great bikes, great show, great company. Even I misbehaved. A bit. ;)

    PS. It's Paul Milbourn with the XJR chop - Paul Bainbridge's is the green Gixxer.

  8. Yeah Blue,i saw you doing the danceing thing!hokey cokey or whatever it was you were doing!

  9. Kev,twizzles bike was called beast,it was a reveresed head gsx1100 ,it was in a early bsh in the 80 s

  10. Nice one Robbie, looks like a great time.