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Sunday, 20 March 2011

morris gets a new heart

Boredom set in today so i have decided to fit the 351 cleveland engine in my morries minor,i have had a 4ltr range rover engine in it before,but thats now sold and i aquired this engine,this is the heavy duty australian spec 351 complete with transmission,i have just put it in and measured what needs altering,the sump,engine mounts and i need a remote servo and another extra steering joint,and a transmission mount,the radiator will be in the rear ,when the motor is in place where i want it ill be making my own tunnel ram manifold for the brace of downdraught carbs that will be sticking through the bonnet,then its off to get some grey primer for the bodywork,or matt balck


  1. Whoaaaaaa now that's a real v8 Robbie, bugger me that's gunna shift mate.. Grey primer looks ace i reckon.

  2. Piece of piss Robbie, what you going to do after tea ?

  3. im now doing the ratchop!,tomora another cb for my mate,tuesday i take my 80yr old mum to the bingo and wed ill be in the shed!