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Saturday, 26 May 2012

TR1 rat chop thingy

I am busy doing myself a TR1 ratrod type influenced chop ,it will have vintage parts and a downdraught weber poking through the tank,everything made from scrap including the forks,frame etc and the pipes with fishtails! started work on it friday night after work,got this far with it,i like it lots ,lots to do on it


  1. Pretty cool!
    I like that ratty style and the carb being integrated in the tank. You know from which vehicel this carb is? Doesn't look like a normal Weber to me. Awesome.
    The small headlight does fit nicely.
    The only thing I wonder about is how you'll manage to ride on the small bicycle seat??
    Cheers Markus...

    1. its a early weber idf ,not like the later ones,which i have fitted to my jag v12 bike,the seat is a brookes seat typically fitted to bicycles for fat middle aged men,fits my bottom just right

    2. Thanks for the answers man..
      OK OK I see your choice for the bicycle saddle was right.

  2. I bloody love that Robbie you talented bastard. If ever you decide to sell it give me notice so I can rustle up some shekles.