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Sunday, 15 May 2011

project cb750 cafe racer!,and ravings

just bought a CB sohc frame off eBay,i have some upside down forks and some wheels,and a engine,so ill follow the current trend and build a cafe this space!,should have the frame and engine and wheels etc put together by the weekend.I think i need to make some space and fill my loft up with more parts!,I have done lots more to my mate Kev's CB custom,that's ready to fire up ,then its off to get painted,the cb550 now has shortened forks,21" front wheel,fork shrouds and is strutted and lowered,need to clean all the brackets off the frame,The stainless supercharged  NSU bike ,now has 16" wheels and old Avon's,and the stainless girders are half finished,it really looks good ,i wont put any more pics of this on until i have finished the rear of the frame,what else ?,er .......hang on ...Pete,do you have any old bantam tanks?,if not some old type Brit tank?,let me know if you have mate,i want to adapt for the 550 ....what else well,I'm off to get my other arm tatted on Saturday !,and er um that's all folks!

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