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Monday, 9 May 2011


Just wheeled and deal ed and I'm getting a nice old cb750 chop,akront rims short forks etc,I'm doing a more trad style old school chop with it,I'm getting it on Friday,I'm also sometime soon getting a ex drag race ford Granada,tubbed rear,e type axle,Matt black,rollcage,it did have a over bored 454 big block,but its worth over 6k and it puts out over 600hp,cant afford that,but I'm having the car,i think ill put a small block Chevy engine in it.My Morris is now sold (needed the cash etc) the guy who bought it ,is putting a Lexus v8 in it 260hp ,i didn't really want to sell it,but i couldn't really fit in it if I'm honest,the Granada is cool,i can fit in it,and it looks fucking mad,like a big roller skate,i should have it soon,just making space for more projects and cool shit i like,ill have some pics of some of it soon

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