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Saturday, 7 May 2011

NSU update (again...groan)

stainless frame cradle now constructed,i have placed my old engine in whilst the other one is getting done on the polisher,i have placed the blower behind the motor and i will be making a much madder curly set of pipes to fill the gap between the front wheel and the front of the frame,i have lots of work to do,but i have a clear idea of how it will look,the st st fuel tanks will be one either side of the top tube hugging the motor,and a Weber 45 will be hung on a manifold made out of stainless just above the Norton clutch,the inlet /blower manifolding will curve up into the standard nsu inlet manifold,blower drive will be either belt or possibly stainless chain.The wheels are getting rebuilt with stainless rims and spokes.The girder forks are very short stainless (23" long)