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Thursday, 6 January 2011


I have been accepted ,so I'm really pleased,who would have thought a old guy in a small shed with  average  ability and tools would be accepted to something like this,I'm really pleased,I'm not a time served engineer or have much money,but i do believe i have a good imagination and good ideas  or something ?,I'm really looking forward to meeting all the great bike builders and looking at all the bikes,reading the custom mags,and looking at bikes at shows ,I'm always amazed that people find my stuff cool,looking at the talent around,i always felt a bit embarrassed ,it doesn't feel like 5 Min's since i was snotting old moped together with a old arc welder,so to anyone reading this ,thanks for inspiration and criticism good and bad


  1. Well done Robbie, you certainly deserve it! I'm going to have a go at getting an invite.
    Chris ( Crossbreed cycles )

  2. Bloody right too, awesome Robbie.

  3. aahh thanks lads ,im hoping my mate john lyndley is goin also,he is a top notch builder,everyone should go!,the more the merrier,i have heard he wants more english bikers etc