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Saturday, 29 January 2011

nsu ,hard work done !

Here's  my nsu,its now fitted with a leather seat,has foot pegs and covers etc fitted,i have ordered the brass and stainless nuts and bolts and gaskets for the engine and gearbox etc ,then it will be stripped and all the metal polished ,still a fair bit of work to do,but all the hard stuff is done


  1. video! video! video!

    and god bless the egyptian people!

  2. I think you should take her for a spin before you tear her apart....c'mon, just around the block

  3. There is a vid of it running on here somewhere Trent,and yeah ,some serious shit goin on in Egypt ,my sister is there at the moment,i hope she is ok.Kevhog,i will be soon taking it out for a spin,at the moment i cant get it out because of 2 351 ford v8 engines in the way