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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

nsu /v8/honda/cbzxr,astralite wheels/invered forks and beans and farting

how far i have got

Kevs cb

wheel for my silly next bike/blowerbike mk 2

351 cleveland

This weekend,my nsu will be running,my trusty old rover v8 moggie will have its heart ripped out and a ford Cleveland v8 stuck in with cello tape,I'm also getting a cbr600 with a zxr750 engine in it(buying it for the inverted forks and old style astralites,to go on my tr1 cafe racery thingy whatever) and i have done more to my ,mate Kev's cb750/900 sohc 750.I'm keeping busy cos I'm on a fucking baked beans and baked potato diet!...OOH THE SMELL!!

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