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Monday, 2 January 2012


I have been building lots of things over the Christmas,and making little adjustments to my frame etc ,carb is now a 45 Weber with a one off throttle linkage i made,the rear brake assembly is finished,added axle adjusters,finished the exhaust manifold ,its near to being stripped down for the frame and wheels to be powder coated blue,the next job is making a tidy cable operated front brake master cylinder,then when that's done i can strip the bike and send off the parts that need coating and get stuck in to polishing the engine and blower,i have finished the fuel tank and it didn't need any extra leaks!,its fucking heavy though,because i made it out of 3mm thick stainless,because that's all i had!,i have to strip the BSA gearbox and put the internals in a new casing which i have De seamed and mirror polished,my stainless seat is getting drilled and polished today,no padding just holes! ,i rebuilt the NSU Fuelpump ,that has to be fitted hmmnn what else ...probably lots ,here s a few pics ,lots done but it doesn t look like it,also got myself a 240 /16 tyred wheel for my next project...and have been playing the blues badly again as well ......

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