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Friday, 27 January 2012

choppers are dead?,cafe racer.blah blah crap

Cafe racers are in choppers are out,yet more bullshit ,why do these people come out with all this?,its just as bad in the custom world,bobbers this baggers that,Brits better,japs better etc etc ,big tyres,skinny tyres ,hot rod crossover style etc etc ,its all good! I like it all ,OK some styles aren't to my taste but each to their own,lets all be more fucking open minded !!,I like classics,customs vintage stuff art deco all sorts of stuff ,we should all be promoting creativity and building etc supporting the industry not spouting bullshit about whats in or out,styles change and evolve ,my take is NOT follow styles ,do your own thing !


  1. BOOM!

    that was a trendy douchebag's head exploding. all because of you, robbie!

    1. probably a implosion ,then they may let some thought in rather than making bold statements with no substance about them ....anyway choppers have always been dead to the average person,occ was never alive ,sometimes i wish people would just think ,customising is about altering to your ideas not sticking a round peg in a round hole.get a square peg and alter the hole,hit the fucker with a big hammer,MAKE IT FIT,or weld it up and make a new hole!,fuck the missionary position square heads with their trainsets and white collars and brown shoes ,lets have more of a flash of red against the grey boring mainstream,its what life s all about