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Sunday, 14 August 2011

goodbye mr mass

Isn't it funny ...trawling through eBay,i spot a bike i built 10yrs ago originally,i think its going or gone for about 2 grand on eBay,nice to know something i made has been on the road all those years and hasn't changed too much apart from the tank,guard and seat .its how i made it,it originally had a turbo on it when i first built it,the whole bike cost me less than 500 pounds if i remember rightly ,i made the frame,yokes ,etc when i ran a shop called nuthouse customs in throckley ,we were located next door to a funeral parlour,it was a odd sight working on bikes and coffins passing past our front window,ha ha ,happy days....GOODBYE CRITICAL MASS YER BASTARD!!(I'm going to make another i think)

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