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Friday, 22 July 2011

more NSU (groan)

started the manifolding,and fitted the weber carb ,lots to do,but i'm getting it done,even though i have a fucked up thumb!(damaged tendons due to accident at work)


  1. Where the hell do you get your blower drive parts? Is that and old Rivera primary or something? They imported very few NSU's here or I would love to get bmy hands on one of those motors, the advantage of 4 cylinders but old timey air cooled looks. It's all looking amazing!!!

  2. i made the bower drive parts Kev,the pulleys i bought from a supplier of pulleys and the belt is a common gates belt drive,i made everything else myself,the blower is off a mercedes car,wit till you se ehow good it gets,i havent finished it yet!