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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blown Nsu mk 2

Decided i didn't like the stainless frame,it came out OK but somehow didn't look right ,so i have re used my original NSU frame,goose necked it,made it 4" longer in the cradle ,ready for a blower,I'm using a 3" belt drive and billet wheels on the crank and blower ,here's a mock up of where roughly the drive will go ,and you can see the blower on the floor ,the tank I'm using is a old mustang tank ,which I'm re tunneling,next will be a 2" stretch in the rear so i can fit on the bike with the blower on,altering the angle of the upper hard tail tubes as well,currently the seat height is 19" ,i want it at 24",i don't want a drop seat rigid,i will be moving the distributor out of the way as well,it wont stick out the side ,but will be tucked in,once all this is done ill put a video up of me riding it before its stripped for paint and polishing

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