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Saturday, 4 June 2011

cb cafe

cb750 f1 tank,bultaco racing seat ,next a bit of welding and sub frame alteration!,also need to find some original f1 clocks


  1. Looks good mate not hanging about either

  2. can't fucking sign in on blogger for some reason ...its me Robbie...anyway i am hanging about with building at the moment,because my health isnt too good,i'm spending too much time sleeping...think its connected with my diabetes,so im a bit frustrated with my lack of progress,on the plus side i have got all the bits for my blingy stainless NSU ,that i will post pics of ,when its up on its wheels etc ,at the moment im concentrating on finishing a few cb s and my cafe racer

  3. If you look at the alt side of the engine you can see i have put in a oil seal and removed the 3 phase alternator,im going to fit a single phase permanenet magnet alt ,then i can convert the output to run the ignition without a battery,kickstart only