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Monday, 20 June 2011

bad news again!

Just as i was trying to get my head round things ,i get a fucking letter off the hospital saying that due to diabetes my eyesight is deteriorating ,its a warning ,that if i don't clean up my act my eyesight and prob my life will be lost,i have to lose weight,change my diet etc etc ,i feel really fucking depressed ,I'm lucky that i have a supportive family,I've got to straighten myself out!!,lately I'm looking on the fucking black side of everything ,my temper is increasing day by day,I'm getting more intolerant with the fucking arseholes i have to deal with at work everyday,and today i have cancelled a few builds i was doing for friends because i just can't guarantee i will finish them anymore


  1. Dude, you know me from BC. A little over a year ago, I was feeling terrible, irregular heart beat, turns out I needed a pacemaker, wasn't all that bad getting one, went home the next day. Had to change my lifestyle some. 2 months later, I spent a week in 2 hospitals getting 3 stints around my heart, was having a partial blockage, no heart attack.I got a warning, BIGTIME, about dying. Some of it you inherit, some of it you cause lifestyle wise. If I can live and do it, so can you, change your diet and exercise, take your meds, sleep 8 hrs/day, all that stuff, just BECAUSE (that's enough reason) and cause your family needs you. Period!!

  2. Think it's time for that summer run!! chin up mate.