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Thursday, 23 December 2010

nsu update again!

Made a stainless shifter and gate,a stainless kickstart,polished the gearbox cover and fitted new seals and stuff lots of little things


  1. As ussual, beeeautiful work Robbie. Are youi going to shorten the shaft and housing on the distributor? I bet somebody makes a cap for that thin g with the wires coming out the side, I'de be scared to deatyh with that thing sticking out when splitting traffic (or maybe you guys don't split traffic over there.

  2. oh yes,i definatly split traffic!!,im ditching the distributer for a magneto later on ,it will be tucked in out of the way.I will fit a blower to it later

  3. those boardtrack handlebars look gnarly. i actually like the crazy distributor action, but i'm crazy. can't wait to see the finished ride.