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Saturday, 11 December 2010

brain matter and blood and 316 stainless steel!!

<These gonna be my st st bars
Here's a story ...went to local metal suppliers for some 10g 316 st st tube ,i wanted a mtr to make some new bars for my nsu ,60 quid a metre!!,FUCKING HELL!!! so i raided his scrap bin and 20 quid later,my car is full of stainless sheet and solid bar!,RESULT!,so feeling pretty smug i decide to call in on my local scrapyard,cos i had 20 quid left,and to see if i could get some stainless pipe for my bars,the guy says he has a skip out the back i could look in ,so i goes round and find a big half dismantled machine(i guess it was a food processing plant machine)so i was in it ,around it,on top of it etc ,i made 3 trips back and forth getting about 6mtres of 10g stainless pipe ,lots of offcuts of solid bar etc etc it smelled a bit funny though and had reddish brown stains on it,anyway ,as i was unbolting the last bits i wanted ,i saw a sign saying it was all covered in brain tissue and guts from animals!,anyway,I'm now scrubbed up ,my car has been scrubbed up and the stainless degreased,so ,I'M HAPPY!,i must have over a grands worth of stainless !,i can now make some posh bits for my nsu (if i don't die from contaminated meat /brain tissue and other nasty shit)

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