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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cafe Racer FJ1200

Here's a few pics ,I decided to make myself a Cafe Racer for a change ,instead of chops all the time,this bike is made up of things i have had lying about in my shed ,cb900 frame,fj1200 motor,zxr900 running gear,cb750f1 tank ,a sectioned sportster tank for the seat hump,i have kept the standard fj1200 wiring harness and switchgear,here it is in the rough,I was going to paint and polish it,but i sort of like its look as it is at the moment,I should have it finished in a few weeks ,need to because it will be my main transport ,i have a garret turbo for it which i will fit later on in the year ,so this will keep me busy for a few weeks ,then back onto the stainless chop,heres a few pics of current projects,oh yeah my NSU CHOP oops ,is in this months MCM,which is a Swedish custom bike mag

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