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Monday, 4 June 2012

Leah,s Lounge

Over the last few days I and my wife stayed with some good friends of mine Richard,and Debs Wilby and their lovely Daughter Keata,actually i stayed in their static caravan that

they bought for the purpose of giving families with ill children respite ,the caravan is fantastic ,its got 2 bedrooms and is fully furnished,colour tv ,shower etc what a bloody fantastic weekend we had,the caravan is called Leah s Lounge ,Leah being their daughter name whom they lost due to a terminal illness last year,Debs and Richard ,along with friends and family set up a charity for fundraising,they are doing a fantastic job ,and me and ,many others are so proud to have played a part( in our case a small part) the caravan is located in Yarmouth near the coast ,here s a few pics

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