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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Got my wheels courtesy of Taylormade wheels ,they are perfect!,just what i need for the jag bike ,whilst waiting for bits i decided to pull out of my stockpile the leftover NSU parts i have ,i am building a 3rd NSU ,this one will be very old looking a style i love doing,it will have a electric start,exposed flywheel,bsa box ,footshift,and even a charging system! here s a first mock up..I will be building this alongside my jaguar v12 bike


  1. With the pictures posted above, I can say that Taylormade's wheels are created for perfection. Seems like you're having so much fun with your work. Looking forward for the output.

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  2. Hi Robbie,
    How you pack so much into your building I dont know. Super- prolific I think sums it up.

    Many thanks for putting the blog back up, I'm sure it will be appricated by all.