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Saturday, 10 December 2011

3 things! or 4 or 5

Today i feel very good ,reason 1,I have beaten painkiller dependancy
                                    reason 2,my lovely Grandson Jayden

                                    reason 3 My great Wife and children behind me,and im interested in building again withut a huge fucking black cloud hovering above me! ,anyway ,back to bikes ,I have a old BSH(MY FAVOURITE MAGAZINE BY FAR) ex feature bike in for a SU carb conversion,I'm doing heres the pics,the Blue Waffle is getting stripped over christmas for the frame and wheels to be coated blue whilst I polish etc and do the fine details


  1. Way to go Bro, my wife is on day 6 off vicoden so I know what you're going through...Well done!!!
    So have you nalready started and ridden the blown beast? Did you post video and I missed it? SU manifold is a beauty, looks like a cb...??
    Keep up the good work brudda.

  2. good on ya mate... good to hear yer firing and all cylinders again 8)

  3. And reason 4 (or was it 5!), the custom scene needs innovative, talented, brave builders like you. :) x

  4. Good to hear fella. Keep at it.

  5. Thanks very much everyone its apprecated

  6. or even appreciated! :)