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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

very cheap tr1 build

Started a tr1 chop today ,bent the frame loop up and welded it together,next the loop will go on my frame jig to add the headstock and hard tail,i want to build this as a everyday ride able chop (john lyndleys fault)i have a inlet manifold ready to add a big SU carb  to it some old cheap wire wheels ,a sprung saddle etc i recon i can have this bike finished for under 200 quid ,watch this space!,the NSU  blowerbike is my main priority to finish and this is for riding after the winter,because I'm sick of zxr900 ninja gayness this tr1 will look black and scabby and old like myself


  1. yes i am! i can even play the blues!,although i have a small willy