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Saturday, 6 November 2010

v8!,got 2 v8s !

One of them is 351 cleveland,the other is 351 windsor ,the cleveland is complete with new waterpump,mains etc etc and with a c6 box,its all ready to go in either a gasser or a rod,depending on what i can find.It was going in my moggie v8,but i have decided to keep the rover engine in it ,cos the cleveland is very heavy ,i dont want to make the weight difference any greater cos the back of the moggie is very light and if i put in 300bhp and more weight on the front,it will drive terrible.Im thinking either ford consul,zephyr,or a rod of some kind for the heavy ford motor.i will either have a gmc 671 or a cheaper rat rodders fave a tunnel ram and carbs stickin outta the bonnet on my next one


  1. ive been looking for a reliant kitten!,seriously ,nice fibreglass body,then a tube chassis and this bugger in it,i think it would be mad!,it all depends on cash and whats about,it could go in a rod,or something britsh,anyway i have the motor so its a good start

  2. fuck it!,i have just decidd to build it in the moggie anyway,see what happens....